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Best hotel deals in United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is located in the rich veins of the United Arab Emirates on an island that is full of top quality hotels and five-star eateries. The impressive city is connected to the mainland by two bridges, the Maqta and Mussafah. There are many hotels based on the northerly side of the island and the Corniche, Airport Road, Hamdan Street and Khalife Street are also home to a good selection. The international airport, bus services and cheap taxis make the city easy to reach and explore and the island is well known for its parks and grass areas. Shopping here can be expensive but you get a lot for your money, with many visitors choosing to purchase jewelry and designer clothes in Abu Dhabi. There are hundreds of boutiques shops and quaint cafés and the city is the wealthiest in the UAE. The hotels and entertainment are among the world’s finest and the beaches are equally impressive. An ice rink in the desert may sound strange but it is one of the most popular attractions around and it provides a unique and memorable experience. The Corniche is an oasis in the city with fountains and parks; the area is lush and natural and makes a refreshing change from the giant sky scrapers that line the skyline. Abu Dhabi boasts year-round tourists, with the months of April to September proving the most popular. Many of the hotels here are simply breathtaking so booking your chosen hotel early is essential.