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Best hotel deals in Morocco

Casablanca is the right destination for those in search of sun, relaxation and spectacular architecture. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Dar El Baida, as it is also known, and its fine hotels and resorts will take your breath away. Casablanca is a fine mixture of old and modern. It allows cultural visits but is also endowed with many relaxation spots such as beaches, parks and spas. Restaurants are numerous and nightlife is especially vibrant on the A?n-Diab coast and in the city center on Boulevard Mohammed V. Attractions include the majestic King Hassan II Mosque, and Casa’s Medina, featuring both old and new districts with hotels. You may also simply choose to stroll down the streets and enjoy Casablanca’s fine Art Deco architecture. Casablanca is a city with an atmosphere of its own, to be fully appreciated by taking the time to wander through its beauties. North of Casablanca, further resorts will match up with your utmost expectations, such as Bouzmika Bay or Mohammedia. Daytrips from Casablanca are numerous and visitors can hire a taxi for a day or two. With excellent hotel facilities, Casablanca rooms require advance booking.