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Vienna is one of Europe’s most traditional and historic cities and boasts old architecture and numerous tourist attractions. Most of the hotels in Vienna are located in and around the central district, which is convenient as staying in this area allows tourists to walk to and from the various tourist attractions around Vienna. While in Vienna, visitors often leave the comfort of their hotels in order to enjoy spectacular examples of old European design such as Hofburg Palace and the Museum of Fine Arts. Even if staying outside the city, Vienna’s impressive transport network makes various places still easy to reach. As well as having numerous attractions within its confines, Vienna has plenty to offer in the way of daytrips. Hotels in Vienna are keen to encourage their guests to take advantage of other popular European cities close by such as Amsterdam and Budapest, which can be easily reached by train. Hotels in Vienna are usually at their busiest during June and July. The climate starts to get cooler in August but by November visitors can expect winter conditions